Ayurvedic treatment can be broadly classified into two:

I) Shodhana Chikitsa (Purification Therapy)

II) Shamana Chikitsa (Aleviating Therapy)

Shodana Chikitsa involves the removal of toxic by-products formed in the body through various therapeutic procedures. By undergoing the five procedures involved in the therapy, known as Panch Karma, the normal tone is brought back to the system and a balance is attained.

1) Vamana (Emesis Therapy) internal medicine are administered to induce vomiting.

2) Virechana (Purgation Therapy) internal medicines are administered to induce purgation.

3) Nasyam (Nasal Medication) Herbal medicines in the form of oil or powder are administered through the nostril.

4) Basti (Medicated Enema Therapy) Herbal medicine in the form of decoction or oil is administered through anus.

5) Rakthamokshan (Blood Letting Therapy) Impure blood is drained out of the body through needle pricking, venesection, leaching etc.

Before Panchkarma,the toxic elements in the body are loosened and made ready to be removed using the Snehana karma (Oleation Therapy) and/or Swedana karma (Sudation Therapy).

Shaman Chikitsa involves the usage of herbal medicines, both externally and internally and thus restoring normality without elimination. The comprehensive range of herbal products include herbal supplements, alternative medicine, wines, spices, tea, hair colour, organic herbs, oils, juices, etc. All products are manufactured in compliance with global standards of quality and safety. As such they are really safe to use and have no side effect at all. Besides, the prices of products are reasonable.

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