Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy

According to Ayurveda, Marmas are subtle points or junctions in the body where life force or Prana is concentrated or flows together. The aim of Marma Therapy is to unblock energetic pathways and to integrate Body, Mind & Spirit. During the treatment, marma points are gently massaged or stimulated in order to balance the flow of energy. Marma therapy is tailored to your individual dosha balancing needs and is only executed by our Ayurvedic Physicians.

What are Marmas and Marma Therapy :

In Sanskrit, "marma" means "sensitive zones"  Marma are vital areas of the body, based on 107 main energy points that correspond to the body\'s chakras (energy channels) and nadis (nerves).  Applying healing therapy on these points can cure several illnesses and ailments. This is because massaging the marma points gives benefits to the area of their location and improves functioning of the connecting organs. It is similar to acupuncture, reflexology and acupressure, leaving the body re-balanced and relaxed.

Benefits of Marma Therapy or Marma Massage :

Ayurveda gives a lot of prominence to Marma therapy in treating various illnesses. However, modern science is yet to realize the concept of marma or marma injury. An expert in Marma therapy can identify injuries through signs and symptoms on the body. For instance, an injury on the Urvi marma (located on the thigh), may result in constant belching. By applying a special pressure on the thigh, the belching can be stopped, without medications. It shows the link between energy transmissions and various body parts.

An injury to the marma due to external factors like accidents or a fall can be treated with medicines, therapy and manipulation techniques such as counter thrust on other body parts. In case of a head injury, there can be symptoms of giddiness and vomiting. These are treated with application of special oil therapy on the head.

However, the pressure applied on marma points also helps in dealing with hypertension, stomach aches, neurological problems, gastritis, and so on. For instance, pressure applied on a particular point under the feet helps in controlling migraine.

Through years of practice, Ayurveda has discovered that symptoms such as nervousness and anxiety, numbness or metallic taste in the mouth, light headedness, stress at work or home, lack of energy and general weakness, tingling sensation in the fingertips and toes, and muscular aches and points can all be treated through Marma therapy.

Marma points should be protected. The body itself has a natural mechanism to protect them. However, Marma therapy requires a lot of practical expertise and skill for effective results. For performing Marma therapy or Marma massages, first consult a qualified ayurvedic physician and then get it done by experienced therapists. Marma therapy can also be used as a rejuvenation therapy or a preventative measure to keep away unwanted illnesses.

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